The farm

That of Podere Cisternella is a family history. It all began in 1968 with Grandpa Antonio and Grandma Filomena on one of the wonderful hills of Valdichiana. 5 hectares of land where grains, olives and vines are grown.
The love for the land, passed on to sons and grandsons, turned a small farm into a business that now covers 40 hectares. A land that is still worked with the same respect for the values at the heart of our business philosophy.
NATURE. Cultivations follow the principle of integrated agriculture which has a very low environmental impact. The roofs of the farm are covered with a 50 kw photovoltaic system, that reduces the carbon dioxide emissions and make it electrically autonomous.
TRADITION. For generations the culture of hand bread-making, using grains grown from ancient, non-hybrid seeds is handed down.
ART. Valdichiana is full of history and art. The Podere has on its grounds a piece of this great cultural heritage. The Ninfeo Romano della Cisternella is an Ancient Roman building and is within walking distance from the Podere.
THE LAND. The valley is rich in natural beauty. A 3.000 square meter lake, surrounded by a wood, is a favorite spot of ducks and storks, while ancient trees and a rich underwood give us good mushrooms in the autumn.

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